Philosophy Alumni Participant Bios

Read about the 2018 alumni participants’ biographies and work histories.

Jessica Charles '96

Jessica graduated in 1996 with a major in philosophy. She is currently the owner of The JC Law Group, LLC.

Jessica will be speaking in Business Ethics, Formal Logic and attending the networking lunch on Monday, April 9.

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Jeff Gaither '14

Jeff’s passion for technology began when he was very young. He took that interest with him when he started at Muhlenberg in 2010. He began a formal career in IT while working as a technician at Muhlenberg’s OIT Student Help Desk and has grown from there. Majoring in philosophy proved advantageous for him because IT is a logic based field. He recently completed a master’s in technology management with the goal of stepping into an IT leadership role in the future.

Jeff will be speaking in Modern Philosophy and attending the networking lunch on Monday, April 9.

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David Kamins '16

David graduated from Muhlenberg in 2016 and majored in neuroscience and philosophy. After graduating, he started working as a research assistant at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the Gastrointestinal Department. He will soon be leaving MSKCC to start a job at Navigant Consulting group to work as a consultant in Global Compliance and Investigations. David misses the professors at Muhlenberg the most, particularly in the philosophy department where he would go to class everyday and feel that he had learned something new each time.

David will be virtually joining Philosophies of India on Thursday, April 12.

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Kelly Love '07

Muhlenberg’s political thought major put Kelly on a path that led her to working for nonprofits and state government to support vulnerable individuals by introducing her to the legal field and showing her what lawyers can do to change the word. So far she’s spent her career helping seniors access needed services for food security and healthcare at a MA based nonprofit, at the MA state legislature, and now at the state’s medical school–where she provides advice to the Massachusetts Medicaid program.

Kelly will be virtually joining Environmental Philosophy on Wednesday, April 11.

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Christopher Scheer '07

Christopher majored in theatre and minored in philosophy at Muhlenberg, with a particular interest in eastern philosophy. He also studied magic with Dr. Lawrence Hass, who at that time taught in the philosophy department. He’s been a full-time professional performing artist since 2009, varying between work as an actor, puppeteer, theatrical clown, pediatric clown, children’s magician, aerialist, dialect coach, and playwright. His philosophical studies are a big influence, particularly on his work as a playwright. His favorite thinkers are Robert Pirsig and Matthew Crawford.

Christopher will be speaking in Philosophy of the Arts on Monday, April 16.

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Josh Trachtenberg '14

Josh graduated from Muhlenberg in 2014 with a major in philosophy and a minor in Jewish studies.He is currently a J.D. Candidate at Brooklyn Law School.

Josh will be virtually joining Philosophy of Linguisitcs on Thursday, April 12.

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Benjamin Wilfond '81

As philosophy major interested in a career in medicine, Benjamin stumbled on the bioethics connection between medicine and philosophy. He did an independent study with Ted Schick his first semester at ‘Berg, and then they co-led a bioethics seminar which was the first bioethics course at ‘Berg. He is now a pediatric pulmonologist and leads a 14 member bioethics faculty division. His own scholarship focuses on the ethical issues related to genomics, pediatric, disability, and clinical research.

Ben will be virtually speaking in Biomedical Ethics on Friday, April 13.

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Andy Wolfe '14

Andy was a philosophy and art double major. He’s currently working as a legal consultant on the business side.  At Muhlenberg, he was a captain of the track and field team and a member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity.

Andy will be speaking in Phenomenology and attending the networking lunch on Wednesday, April 11.

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